For those of you not familiar with the term, “logisticizing” is the excessive state of planning one (i.e. me) gets into before the start of a big trip. It is the exact opposite of “chillaxinating,” and is a quite unpleasant state to be in. Signs of logisticizing include:

-feeling irrepressible urges to make checklists
-realizing that each checklist contains the same items
-still not being able to stop yourself from making another one
-spending three hours on a Saturday night trying to figure out how to replace your website’s top banner with a picture of an old map
-surfing sites including adventuremedicalkits.com and wondering what options they have for rush shipping (speaking of which, I still need to do that)
-putting together lists about lists, supposedly as part of a blog post, but really just a way to see if your twitter plug-in works
-compulsively checking Iceland Air’s website to see the latest volcano updates (the airport was open today)

In other words, I am in high logisticizing gear. It’s really unpleasant. But that’s the catch: when you’re in a state like I am right now, you can convince yourself that if you just plan things well enough, chillaxination will be yours.

Now, let’s see about Twitter. . . .

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