Cambodia Photos

Sunrise at Angkor Wat

The crowds of people watching said sunrise

When I saw this graphic in the women's bathroom, I came outside to ask Peter for the camera -- and then realized he'd taken already taken a photo of it in the men's room. A perfect match!

The ruined ruins of Beng Melea.

"I cannot believe you got me to climb on this thing"

Climbing on ruins with our guide, Dara. This was his idea.

A stegosaurus?

A butt-biting turtle. Some humor is timeless.

The original builders of the temples respected both Buddhism and Hinduism -- so there were Buddha carvings and hermit carvings. But a later Hindu king was like, "Screw you, Buddhists!" and had every single Buddha image either destroyed or transformed (sometimes with more skill than other times) into a hermit. Here, you can still see the image of the meditating Buddha behind the later "correction."

Sandstone turns black when you touch it. What does this say about the maturity levels of most Angkor tourists?

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