May 22 2010

Iceland: We Don’t Have Cash, But We Do Have Ash

It’s official: we have embarked on our journey. First stop, Reykjavik, where I am sitting in the hostel lobby listening to the BlackEyed Peas and glancing at a coffee table book titled Earth on Fire, which seems an ominous choice given the current volcanic situation. Peter and I are about to head off to a thermal bath for the afternoon (what better way to clear up the jetlag than a soak in a hot tub) but my first impressions of Reykjavik/Iceland are as follows:

1. It is a strange choice, Iceland Air, to name each of your planes after Icelandic volcanoes. Hekla. Katla. Really?

2. Putrefied shark meat (a local delicacy!) does not taste good.

3. $29 for a small bag of volcanic ash seems like a bit much. But kudos to Iceland for wasting no time in turning the current eruption into a tourism opportunity.