Nov 21 2010

Nepal Photos

Here are a few more photos from Nepal:

Kids LOVE Catherine

Rice Harvest

Kids were able to get their kites hundreds of feet in the air

They could get themselves almost as high

Early morning in the jungle


Oct 25 2010

Beautiful Tibet II

A continuation of our Tibet photo series.  These are from our trip from Lhasa to Everest Base Camp:

Lhamo surprises Catherine

Catherine surprises Lhamo

Peter surprises himself

Catherine's bike with Everest in the background

The road to Everest was a little . . . windy.

A land of prayer wheels

many prayer wheels

Look closely.

Catherine makes friends with local carpet makers

You talkin' to me? Then who the hell else are you talkin' to?

The road to Everest was a little ...


Yamdrok Lake

Brand Ambassador

And then, finally, Mt. Everest:

Oct 21 2010

China Pictures

Here are a few additional photos from China:

Sep 9 2010

Soviet Subway Series

The metro stations and platforms in St. Petersburg and Moscow are amazing.  More often than not, you descend underground and find yourself in what seems to be a 19th century ballroom.  Coated in marble and full of chandeliers, you expect everyone to start waltzing.  Combine that scene with heavy-handed Soviet propaganda and you’ve got the wonderfully weird mix that is Russia’s subway system.

The subway is so beautiful that our first attempt to enter it was blocked by this throng of enthusiasts.

Some considerably quieter moments:

Aug 25 2010

Peter’s Photo Post

Here are a few of my favorite photos from the trip so far.  (Catherine’s favorite remains the one of Rasputin’s wiener.)

Catherine searching for Christine and Nick's Corn Babushka

A Soviet Spy

Man and his Water Bottle

At least he has a lucky charm

Catherine in St. Petersburg

Some Suitcases

Offerings to the Siberian Shamans

Our door to Hapsalu

Long Shadows

Goodnight Moon

Swallow at Sunset

Our Bicycles, Cuddling